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About Vydata Systems

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Company History of Vydata Systems

We are global providers of complete business systems for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, etc. in a number of different industries including food service and catering, specialty retail shops (various stores), jewelry designers and retailers, etc.

We have customers running our software all over the United States as well as over 20 other countries. You can download our client listing to see some of these clients that are willing to be contacted as a reference. Simply email our sales department ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and request a copy!

Our Story

Our company was originally established in 1993 as Venture Telemedia, Inc. which later grew into Vydata Systems in 1996. The original company was a provider of office automation products, telephone systems, and networking services. The company first introduced some business software in 1996 called SIMS (Store Information Management System) that tracked basic accounting data and later developed food cost tracking software for a new local fast food chain at the time called Raising Canes.

The evolution of SIMS turned into the popular point-of-sale product we have today called “EnterprisePOS” In 1998. A beta release of EnterprisePOS, our first full-blown point-of-sale business system that incorporated many of the smaller modules we built for other companies, was adopted by two jewelry stores and expanded into a very diverse Point-of-Sale system supporting all the various popular POS peripherals for fast data collection! Over time, with the continued growth of clientele, the system became a customizable and scalable suite of applications loaded with options to surpass the features of systems many times its price. The result: a diverse, multifaceted, simple-to-use yet powerful and complete POS system that’s designed for the masses. A product for Corporate America, but designed with the small company in mind. Finally something that can grow as your company grows.

With the expansion of Vydata Systems In 2002, the company focus was slightly changed to a different product line, most of which were modules within the EnterprisePOS suite of retail / wholesale programs. This expansion of EnterprisePOS included tools for seamless integration of brick-and-mortar and website sales and inventory control, web reporting, separate work-order / work-shop software, time clock software, a powerful customizing utility, etc. We have found our target market for this product expansion to be mainly in the jewelry and clothing company markets. Over the years, however, more and more emphasis in the food service industry followed.

Two years later, Vydata Systems introduced a new product we are still very excited about today, called Recipe Manager Enterprise, for the food-service industry. In 2007, the product became our most popular product by far with a high volume of website sales of the lower-priced single-user LITE package. It handles food production cost and nutrition control along with highly detailed recipe information tracking. The system is already being used in thousands of food businesses across the United States, installed in over 20 countries, and growing daily. Today, Recipe Manager is in many different food service businesses around the world including independent chefs and caterers, restaurants and cafeterias, production plants, military dining facilities (DFACs), and nutritional analysis consultants!

The Future?

The future looks bright at Vydata Systems and the technology possibilities are endless!

We are completely committed to bringing all of our products to the next level! As technology improves, we’ll improve. We have a sister companies focused on security solutions, web development, and marketing services who specialize in the areas of technology that we are not directly involved in. Between Vydata Systems and our sister companies, we are uniquely positioned to service our clientele best.

We also have a 24-7 around-the-clock tech support for our customers on a support contract! This is excellent for our customers outside of the United States.

At Vydata Systems, we understand that customer service is the MOST important thing.

For more information, just contact us! We'll be happy to assist you and give you a quotation on a product and/or service to fit your specific needs.

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Press Release

January 1, 2007
Contact: Louisiana Restaurant Association


As of January 1, 2007, restaurateurs in Louisiana will no longer be able to allow their patrons to smoke inside their restaurants, though smoking will still be allowed in outside areas. This new law in Louisiana is very similar to new anti-smoking laws being adopted in other states. The LRA has designed “No Smoking” signs to post in establishments. To download and print these signs, you can go to the Louisiana Restaurant Association website at www.lra.org. For guidelines to understanding the non smoking law, 
click here

The Louisiana Restaurant Association is one of the largest business organizations in the state, representing more than 5,800 restaurant operations and related businesses. The restaurant industry in Louisiana is the state’s largest private retail employer with 140,000
employed directly and another 60,000 indirectly employed. Restaurants in Louisiana have an annual economic impact of $9.9 billion.