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Recipe Manager

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Powerful Food Data Tracking Solutions for any size operation...

Small: Independent Chefs, Food Consultants, or Nutritionists

(Recipe Manager LITE)

Medium: Commissaries, Food Plants, or Independent Kitchens

(Recipe Manager PRO)

Mid-to-Large: Restaurants, Deli Chains, or Food Distribution Centers

(Recipe Manager ENTERPRISE)


Recipe Manager Enterprise
Press Release: Over 15 years of Excellence!

The ideal solution for any food service business, large or small! No operation too large or small!


Recipe Manager is a powerful application for back-room recipe information management and production control. It is a tool for tracking recipe detail, micro-managing costs of product and ingredients, analyzing nutrition detail, building product menus, and a host of many other features for a variety of food service businesses.

Ideal for Restaurant Chefs

It is the ideal package for Chefs to control their food production. It can be interfaced with a number of leading point-of-sale systems to determine exactly the amount to prepare of each menu item based on daily sales forecasts. It will make sure the correct amount of product is produced to meet demand and minimize waste.

Ideal for Catering Businesses

It is the ideal package for Catering businesses. You can quickly design custom menus with food products specific for the catering job at hand. After a menu is built for a customer, all assigned recipes (and ingredient portions) are scaled exactly for that amount to be prepared. You’ll also know your exact cost and profit for any catering job as you build the menu since Recipe Manager tracks cost down to the fractional ingredient used!

Ideal for Food Product Manufacturers

It is the ideal package for independent producers of food products. Recipe Manager not only tracks all your food product detail, but it will even produce a container product label for you. Design your own container label from Recipe Manager with the actual FDA “Nutrition Facts” right on it!
Recipe Manager was recently adopted by MEPoL, Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana, as key product for Louisiana food producers.
For more information on MEPoL, visit www.mepol.org.

The Recipe Manager User Interface

The user interface is easy to use even for the computer novice. It has a very user friendly “Windows Explorer” looking style that supports touch-screen technology allowing restaurant staff at any level to find recipes or ingredients they need very quickly.
You can run Recipe Manager on any computer including regular desktop or laptop PC’s to small hand-held devices including tablet PC’s, making it simple to manage your data in the corporate office, restaurant back-office, or right from the front line in the palm of your hand.

Data Entry

To get started you simply enter your ingredient information and any important element/compound information given to you from your vendors. Recipe Manager will handle the rest.
When you build a recipe out of your ordered ingredients, you get a world of information at your finger tips including detailed costing by the portion or entire recipe, nutritional analysis, scaleable reporting, etc.


Powerful Reporting Engine

Choose from any of hundreds of reports, or build your own! All software packages come with a full-service report designer application that is based on the industry-leading Crystal Reports technology!
A report can be built on any kind of data from your menus, recipes, inventory, purchase orders, sales, or extremely detailed analysis of nutrition, costs, waste, or inventory levels!

Click here for some printed report examples!


more info
More Info on Costing Features
More Info on Inventory Control Features
More Info on Purchasing / Ordering Features
More Info on Nutritional Analysis Features


Besides a detailed manual, a help system, and Vydata toll-free Technical Support, Recipe Manager also comes bundled with a step-by-step demonstration that will walk you through the process when you get stuck.
You can download a copy of this demo right from our downloads page.

Powerful Add-On Tools

The system comes bundled with another tool for the creation of your own menus. You can setup your own menu with a number of recipes all scaled to your liking. For example, easily setup a “low carb menu” by doing a query on all your recipes with low carbs in the nutrition label, then simply add them to the menu. You can scale the entire menu down to a certain number of portions per recipe. At the click of a button, you can print any custom report for the entire menu, specific recipes, or all recipes at once.


Customer Testimonials!

Picc Logo"Recipe Manager is a fantastic product. It has helped our business track detailed cost and nutrition information better than our previously used program. In addition it has greatly enhanced our ability to quickly distribute detailed recipe information to all of our restaurants!" Patrick Prudhomme, VP

Click Here to View Their Case Study



demoNeed more information? Download product details or a fully functioning trial version below!


Costing features

control panel demo
More Info on Food Costing Features
Tracking exact cost from end products to raw materials is always a challenging endeavor for the fast-paced food service industry. Despite its importance of food costing, we find many restaurant managers do not calculate food cost correctly, or if they do, they do not fully understand the process. To be useful, food cost percentages must be determined accurately. However, highly accurate food cost control on all levels(recipe costing, menu costing, and food costing) is a specialty of Recipe Manager. Read more in Features »

Food Inventory control features

control panel demo
More Info on Inventory Control Features
Recipe Manager handles food inventory (par) levels based on information either obtained from an interface to a sales (Point-of-Sale) system or by manually entering product sold. When your food inventory falls below set levels, you can configure Recipe Manager to automatically generate a purchase order. Recipe Manager food inventory control features can be configured to launch an external purchasing program for the generation of new orders. Read more in Features »

Purchasing/Ordering features

control panel demo
More Info on Purchasing/Ordering Features
A very time consuming task for restaurant management is the task of handling reorders of ingredients. A adjust-in-time method of ordering product is key to ensure a proper inventory to meet demand and a low level of spoilage. The quicker the turn-around time of orders, the less guess work your management staff has to do to forecast sales demand.

Nutritional Analysis features

control panel demo
More Info on Nutritional Analysis Features
One of the most powerful and popular functions of Recipe Manager is its strict control of nutritional data. The system comes bundled with a database of FDA/USDA standard unit conversion formulas. When you enter your ingredients (or place orders) in specific units, Recipe Manager knows how to convert these units into the proper nutrition label units (generally in grams or milligrams). Read more in Features »

Request Demo

Demo Request
Let our business experts give you a free demonstration on how Recipe Manager can fulfill business requirements and how Recipe Manager can save you money. We will show you how there is no other product like this on the market. Request for a 30-day trial serial number and install the fully functional trial version using the link below. The trial version comes with a complete database with a few hundred test recipes, two thousand ingredient inventory items, and over fifteen thousand USDA nutritional elements!
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Press Release

January 1, 2007
Contact: Louisiana Restaurant Association


As of January 1, 2007, restaurateurs in Louisiana will no longer be able to allow their patrons to smoke inside their restaurants, though smoking will still be allowed in outside areas. This new law in Louisiana is very similar to new anti-smoking laws being adopted in other states. The LRA has designed “No Smoking” signs to post in establishments. To download and print these signs, you can go to the Louisiana Restaurant Association website at www.lra.org. For guidelines to understanding the non smoking law, 
click here

The Louisiana Restaurant Association is one of the largest business organizations in the state, representing more than 5,800 restaurant operations and related businesses. The restaurant industry in Louisiana is the state’s largest private retail employer with 140,000
employed directly and another 60,000 indirectly employed. Restaurants in Louisiana have an annual economic impact of $9.9 billion.