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What languages are supported?

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i18n Language Module

Vydata Systems

If you a multilingual supported package of our software, you can enable a language other than English right from the login screen!

If you require additional changes to the selected language strings, you can access the language under the "Tools" menu of all of our Vydata Business Suite software products (Recipe Manager, Datafiche, EnterprisePOS, etc.).

There are a wide collection of languages that can be installed into your database. The system currently supports the following languages: Bulgarian, Bengali, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Devanagari (India), Croatian (Croatia), Magyar (Hungary), Italian, Malay, Norwegian bokmal, Dutch, Portuguese (Brasil), Portugues (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Svenska, Thai and more are being added all the time.

By default the English language is always installed initially. You can download additional language files to be imported into your system by contacting our support line directly!


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Press Release

January 1, 2007
Contact: Louisiana Restaurant Association


As of January 1, 2007, restaurateurs in Louisiana will no longer be able to allow their patrons to smoke inside their restaurants, though smoking will still be allowed in outside areas. This new law in Louisiana is very similar to new anti-smoking laws being adopted in other states. The LRA has designed “No Smoking” signs to post in establishments. To download and print these signs, you can go to the Louisiana Restaurant Association website at www.lra.org. For guidelines to understanding the non smoking law, 
click here

The Louisiana Restaurant Association is one of the largest business organizations in the state, representing more than 5,800 restaurant operations and related businesses. The restaurant industry in Louisiana is the state’s largest private retail employer with 140,000
employed directly and another 60,000 indirectly employed. Restaurants in Louisiana have an annual economic impact of $9.9 billion.