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What languages are supported?

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i18n Language Module

Vydata Systems

If you a multilingual supported package of our software, you can enable a language other than English right from the login screen!

If you require additional changes to the selected language strings, you can access the language under the "Tools" menu of all of our Vydata Business Suite software products (Recipe Manager, Datafiche, EnterprisePOS, etc.).

There are a wide collection of languages that can be installed into your database. The system currently supports the following languages: Bulgarian, Bengali, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Devanagari (India), Croatian (Croatia), Magyar (Hungary), Italian, Malay, Norwegian bokmal, Dutch, Portuguese (Brasil), Portugues (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Svenska, Thai and more are being added all the time.

By default the English language is always installed initially. You can download additional language files to be imported into your system by contacting our support line directly!


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Press: Press Releases

January 5, 2007
Contact: John Albin
E-mail: john.albin@vydata.com


Food product manufacterers in Louisiana will now have an affordable resource available to them for detailed information tracking and cost control. Recipe Manager was adopted by an organization in late 2006 called MEPoLManufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana, who backs food producers throughout Louisiana by offering new technology and consulting services along with possible government funding if applicable.

Vydata Systems is an approved 3rd party consultant for MEPOL and will begin servicing the food production industry of Louisiana in early 2007 with their new Recipe Manager product. Recipe Manager has been used by catering companies and restaurant chains for years prior to the latest revision which includes special functionality geared toward food production needs.

MEPoL has been providing innovative and technical solutions to manufacturers since 1997. Their services are tailored to the individual needs of each client to maximize their profitability and productivity.

Any industry that adds value to their product and needs to improve their process, technology, and methods can receive affordable, expert technical support from MEPoL. Recipe Manager is now a powerful tool in their product offering.